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However the EF-2 tornado was only about 3–4 miles away and did not strike the immediate downtown Dallas area.

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For the list of cities that are not listed here for certain reasons, see below.

The tornado that hit Grand Valley, Ontario is not listed for similar reasons.

This article is a list of tornadoes that have impacted the central business district (downtown or city centre) of a large city (that is, one having at least 50,000 people, not counting suburbs or outlying communities, at the time of the storm).

It is a common myth that tornadoes do not strike downtown areas.

On September 8, 2010, Tropical Storm Hermine went over the state of Texas and produced a few tornadoes in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex.

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One notable tornado was located in an industrialized area west of downtown Dallas before it lifted up over Interstate 35E just south of Dallas Love Field.

The 1998 tornado that hit Spencer, South Dakota, killing 6 people, the 2000 tornado that hit a campground, killing 12 people, the 2007 tornado that hit Greensburg, Kansas, killing 11 people, the Elie, Manitoba tornado that hit Elie, Manitoba in 2007 with no fatalities, and the 2009 tornado that hit Durham, Ontario, killing one person, are not listed because none of these tornadoes hit a metropolitan area that had a population higher than 50,000.