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11-Nov-2017 10:55

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A female can be a woman or a lady at age 18 and a “girl” at 60.The girl eventually morphs into the yenta who will definitely cause you pain and aggrevation, ruin good things for you either with gossip, or with contrived lies and or with plain jealousy. -And in all probability, you do know some girls with these characteristics, who caused you much pain, suffering, and anguish.Once you know this, it will save you girls, lots of time, help you to avoid confusion, and making you crazy for no good reason. It is a basic fundamental rule, that no female may “self declare herself” either a woman or a lady.Unless of course you are already crazy and wish to get even crazier. Only a gentleman or a man can declare you to be a woman or a lady.The answer is, See the Torah in Sefer Devarim, Perek 24, Posuk 5. If YOU are her (then U r a criminal of course for hiding, and now go to the nearest Police station and have yourself arrested if U can, -(at least make the effort ! but maybe I am gonna leave U in jail for what you did to me by hiding for sooooo long.) But remember, even when U r in jail i will still LOVE you very much, but I will not spoil you.Note the word “V’semach” thats why all the females talk about “fun” because subconsciously they are referring to this “V’semach”. -Pirkie Avos In my volunteer work, I met this lady who died past the age of 104 and she was a very peaceful exceptionally kind and relaxed lady. After you repent = (Teshuvah), I will personally pick you up and rescue you. Maybe love won’t happen but if it does happen, methinks it could be kind of Gevaldig.Note, the word “simcha” is happiness, but what is the word for FUN ?The words “Gila, Rina, Ditzah, Chedva, Sosson, are also definately not the definition of the word “Fun”.

I have not eaten breakfast, lunch, and supper, for the past few months and the Rebbe is kinda hungry, and only my Rebitzen knows the Rebbe’s recipes. You can be the greatest scholar in the World and I am NOT intimidated by your scholarship, in fact I welcome it because I know who I am. I am fascinated by marketing methods and the “science” behind it. -Just the standard Frum-girl talk, and fake frummy talk. You will know if you are a girl, woman or lady as you read this profile.

It’s either you are or you ain’t, depending on the refinement of the person’s soul. She is basically honest and smart, understands her man or at least tries to ! Its called: maturity and that’s part of what a real woman is.

Its that simple and there really is no need to complicate this matter ! You can only become a woman if you did the work involved in order to become a real woman. A Lady is on a further advanced high level, where the woman has developed herself to the point where she possesses a high level of grace, poise, tranquility, modesty, serenity, calmness, understanding, honor and dignity.

If you make it through this profile- you also have way too much time on your hands, I skimmed it, and let me tell you it is HILARIOUS!

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If you really want to contact this guy- the name is also one that appears to be made with the specific purpose of scaring away anyone- and labeling this guy as “most likely to shoot up a school” you can email me.So I assume that you understand the “girl” syndrome.

You can choose your language settings from within the program.… continue reading »

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Gehen, aber dennoch solltest du dir ein paar punkte aus dem artikel. Schon gezahlt hat, kann er aber sechs bekanntschaft in berlin monate oder eine von der gesellschaft und der markt.… continue reading »

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Quando foi receber a Order of the British Empire das mãos da rainha Isabel no Buckingham Palace, cá fora, ao rodopiar para que vissem o movimento da saia, os fotógrafos, que estavam num nível mais baixo, apanharam-na... E, por cima da fotografia a inscrição: esta mulher foi, em tempos, uma punk. Peças suas têm estado patentes em numerosas exposições.… continue reading »

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[quote]It turned out Reynolds wasn’t even in New York that night, (though he taped a video for the Fox fund-raiser).… continue reading »

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From the small images on the larger white backgrounds within the frames to the fact that the frames are overlapping, really adds interest to what could be a fairly usual display.… continue reading »

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