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As for the song itself it was initially just a little humorous parody (the most accurate comment above is Eric's New Glasgow Canada What I find funny...and, kind of sad, really, is how many people seem to think this song is a denigration of Christmas in general, or that because of the way he wrote it, Greg Lake must not believe in God.Actually, it's pretty clear to me that he's attacking the way television and department stores have perverted the original message of "Christ's Mass", the celebration honoring the Birth of Jesus Christ.I have heard it only a few times in my life and last year I just had to find out the name and all. I find this song especially moving, as many like myself struggle each Sunday in the pew, trying to grasp Jesus as easily as we grasped Santa Claus as children.I did forget the name and thank God for the internet. I've enjoyed this Christmas song since I first heard it on the radio way back when.There was also lots of Christmas activities in school then with each individual class having it's own Christmas party.At the time of the record Commercialism and Anti-Commercialism was not a widely held concept and if I remember rightly Greg was driving a Rolls Royce dressed head to toe in a Silver fox fur coat and before playing on stage would take off his shoes put on slippers and step onto a reputedly 15K Persian Rug !!We forget about the dirt and the smell and the cold and the fact that Herod was standing by to kill the babe as soon as he could be identified. Heard this song today in grocery store and had a lump in my throat...always brings me back to a different time in my life but it's all good.Never mind the "White Christmas" crap, where there are no footsteps in the snow, no homeless people dying in the cold, no muddy slush to deal with. It is NOT anti-Christmas at all, quite the contrary.

There is profound wisdom in the last two lines; "Hallelulah Noel, be it Heaven or Hell, the Christmas we get we deserve. The original version was released as a single in 1975 by Greg Lake.I agree that this is, probably, the best Christmas song ever. I like how he plainly spells out that there's no difference between santa claus and jesus - just a bunch of fairy tales aimed at entertaining and controlling (you better not cry/sin! Enough of commercialism, kids fairy tales and adult ones - "let your road be clear". For the most part, Father Christmas/Santa Claus is what the majority of children focus on.

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