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So if you really want to make a guy like you and become popular, you need to know these ten facts.[Read: 20 circumstances when a guy just won’t like you back] How to talk to a guy The next time you talk to a guy you like, use these ten tips.And if some guy’s trying to make you feel nice, appreciate the gesture.Most girls take these things for granted, and over time, the guys will stop paying attention to them.It’s always nice to lighten things up now and then with a few pranks.You can tease him, nudge him by the shoulder, say a few jokes, or all of the above.Really now, if someone does something nice for you, don’t you think they deserve a thank you, or at least a smile? [Read: Get a guy to ask you out in 9 sneaky ways] Play hard to get Always play hard to get if you want to make him like you.Knowing how to talk to a guy is easy, but knowing where to draw the line is not. [Read: The right way to play hard to get] Use these ten tips on how to talk to a guy and make him like you, and you’ll see how likeable and desired you’ll be in no time!

You know the works, make him feel like your protector. [Read: How to play the damsel in distress move and make him fall in love with you] Don’t badmouth or bitch Girls who are use foul language all the time are quite a bit of a turn off for most guys.Don’t reveal everything that goes on in your mind or you’ll just become boring.A note of caution though, you can’t do this to your boyfriend. Be mischievous There’s nothing better than a girl who can be shy and coy, and show off a streak of mischievousness now and then.Even scientific research has shown that guys involuntarily start showing more interest and flirt more with girls who touch them in the middle of a conversation.

Occasionally, touch his forearm or place your palm on the edge of his shoulder, or any other place that would be appropriate for casual touches, and you’ll see how his interest in you would grow in no time.

Knowing how to talk to a guy can be the difference between being a lady who draws guys and an annoying girl who doesn’t get any attention.