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The numbers, and the specific trick, are USA only, but we’ll talk about alternatives.In the USA it’s not unusual for an unlimited long distance phone plan to cost a month, with local-only lines costing around (plus whatever you end up paying for long distance calls).What’s the most affordable Vo IP service you’ve found for replacing landlines?Let’s talk everything over in the comments below – I’m looking forward to the conversation.It’s worth noting that Google Voice can’t make 911 calls, but you can add this service to your Obihai device for a year.If Google Voice isn’t available where you live, Obihai is compatible with a wide range of other Vo IP services, which we might review at a future date. In the past we’ve talked about using Skype as you primary home phone line, and that can be affordable.Don't wait and add now our number to your phone contacts and enjoy of an adult phone chat session where and when you want. this is available from the next cities: Mumbai, Delhi, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Kolkata, West & Bengal, Chennai, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Orissa...

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Call display is supported, and you can even access your Google Voice voicemail from your home phone.

Even better: it’s all pretty painless to set up., but it’s not hard to see the value here: a one-time purchase of , and a few minutes of setting things up, can save you hundreds every year.

Some bundled packages (phone/cable/internet) make the exact price hard to nail down, but generally these numbers apply – and add up quickly when you think about them annually: Clearly it’s in your financial best interest to ditch your landline, but what should you replace it with?

Some of you might be asking: why have a landline at all? Most people who entered adult life with a mobile device probably never considered getting a land line in the first place, but there are advantages to having an always-on phone in your house.For around a year you can usually make and receive unlimited calls within a specific area, and if you need to connect with a faraway country frequency unlimited plans and local numbers are pretty powerful savings tools.